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Sponsor & Charity

Since the start of Way2Drive, we continuously seek new opportunities and ways to give back to the communities.

Sponsor & Charity

Every year, we organize a major golf tournament on the Netherlands' most prestigious course, The Dutch. We raise more than €25,000 every year and donate to charities, such as ALS foundation, Wereldouders and Pardoes foundation.

We are proud sponsors of a few major and minor classic rally events, including the famous Jeroen Bosch rally, a two-day event organized in the south of the Netherlands, and their spin-off, the Kids Rally. This is a unique rally, where parents are the drivers and the children act as navigators.

Kids Rally Brabant

The Kidsrally Brabant foundation sets itself the goal of raising money for a charity to be determined annually in the Netherlands.

Jeroen Bosch Rally

The Jeroen Bosch Rally, a true master among the rallies.

1000 Miglia

‘La Corsa più bella del Mondo’ - the most beautiful rally in the world.

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