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After the kick-off in 2011, Way2Drive has experienced an explosive growth.

Company profile

Within 7 years, we have reached a fleet of 1200 cars in the Netherlands. Our clients consist of more than 200 companies, with leases ranging from 1 to 250 cars. We are the single supplier in most of our lessees. Recently, we have successfully expanded our operations inter-nationally by establishing 2 new branches in Belgium and Germany. Our short-term goal is to expand towards 2000 leasing contracts in the Netherlands, 250 in Belgium and 250 in Germany.

Our company strength is our people. Every employee knows everything about the fleet of our clients. Since the company inception, we aim to minimize the paper work required for our clients. We work closely with a group of reliable suppliers, such as Generali Insurance, Ernst&Young, Volkswagen Bank and Eurocross Assistance.